Kimono Forest –Walking down Arashiyama at night

Kimono Forest –Walking down Arashiyama at night

Mixture of tradition and new

15 traditional kimono textiles "Kyo-yuzen" are made by Kameda Tomizome Factory, and include both traditional and new design. The 600 poles which are colorfully decorated welcomes the visitors to Kyoto in a beautiful manner.

The beautiful hallway of Kyoyo textile

After sunset, the poles light up, and a romantic atmosphere suddenly appears. Shined by the LED lighting, the path of beautiful Kyo-yuzen seems to invite us to a world of fantasy.

Spiritual Place "Ryu-no-Atagoike" (Dragon pond)

After walking through the path of kimono poles, you will find a small pond with a sculpture of a ball with dragon carving. It is said that if you touch the water with your hand, happiness and peace may arrive. As a dragon of safety, it may also guide us to a safe trip.

The dancing dragon

The ball inspired by Tenryu-Ji temple lights up in the night time. The reflection of the dragon, as well as the Kyo-yuzen polls, looks beautiful and holy. To enjoy a different atmosphere from the daytime, it is worth waiting for the sunset.

The Kyoto-style hospitality

The famous tourism spot Arashiyama was always quiet in the night time, unlike the crowded day time. However, with this dramatic hospitality, many visitors seek to enjoy the area during the night time along with the daytime.

Address〒616-8384 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyo Ward, Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, 35-28
Nearest stationBy Arashiyama station (Keifuku Arashiyama line)5 minutes walk from Soga Arashiyama station (JR Sogano line)12 minutes walk from Arashiyama station (Hankyu Arashiyama line)
Business hoursLight up: Sunset-9PM (Some areas light up until 11 PM)
Regular holidayNone
Admission feeFree