Small box art filled with plenty of typical Kyoto ”Ohakoya Souka”

Small box art filled with plenty of typical Kyoto ”Ohakoya Souka”

Monthly changing impressive curtain at the entrance

Popular store ”Ohakoya Souka” offering Japanese miscellaneous goods like paper boxes, bowls and handicraft which are developed in the Kyoto Tokuriki lithograph hall famous for woodblock print and which vividly and elegantly represent Kyoto's sense of beauty.
The woodcut paper boxes are very popular and have been invented with the thought of integrating art into life and letting everybody freely enjoy it.
The curtain hung at the shop entrance which changes monthly is impressive and passersby usually stop to have a look at it.

All one's love in a small box

The popular ”Ohako” box is a small paper box decorated with diverse designs by woodblock print.
In the store the small boxes with designs like the scenery of Japanese seasons, Kyoto's famous places and old traditional patterns decorate one wall.
There are about 1000 designs changing with the seasons offering to introduce art and a sense of the seasons into your everyday life.

The pleasure of selecting souvenirs and presents

Choosing your ”Ohako” box from various designs and selecting the filling including Origami, notebooks and candies, you can arrange your favourite set, and make it a tasteful present.
You can also use your ”Ohako” box as interior art.
Enjoy spending your time thinking about what to choose and always calling in mind the person who you will give the present.

Searching your favourite

Various designs typical for Kyoto line up showing famous spots like Kinkakuji and Heian-jingu and events, nature and Maiko geishas representing the seasons.
There are also designs of famous artists and interesting humorous designs. Just looking at them is fun and you will never get tired.
Art can be appreciated and adult's imaginativeness is fulfilled.

The pleasure of making presents, the joy of receiving presents

The display of the shopfront also changes with the season and pleases peoples' eyes.
Feeling the seasons means the joy of living and the pleasure of life.
How about filling the beauty of Japan's seasons and the characteristic scenery of Kyoto together with your feelings into a small box and giving it to an important person?

Name of the facilityOhakoya Souka
Address46 Tokiwagicho, Teramachi-dori Ebisugawa-agaru, Higashigawa, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8046
Nearest station5 minutes walk from Kyoto Subway Touzai Line ”Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station” / 10 minutes walk from Keihan ”Jingu Marutamachi Station”
Nearest bus stop3 minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus ”Kawaramachi Marutamachi”
Business hoursMon ~ Sat 11:00 - 17:00 / Sun・public holidays 11:00 - 18:00
Regular holidayClosed on Wednesdays (and days following public holidays)