Taste of happiness with plenty of honey-“Cream Bread Specialty Shop KIN-IRO”

Taste of happiness with plenty of honey-“Cream Bread Specialty Shop KIN-IRO”

New suggestion from a long-established honey specialty store

"Cream bread specialty shop KIN-IRO" is adjusted to a honey specialty shop "mielmie", where wishes for as much as people to enjoy honey.
Golden sophisticated cream bread "kin・iro" and black rich cream bread "kuro・iro" is available at this shop. Since only 50 "kuro・iro" bread are available per day, it is becoming popular day by day.
Also a cafe is adjusted to "mielmie Sanjo head store". Sweet drinks made with their honey are recommended for a break time.

Delicious cream bread "kin・iro"

The Canadian blueberries and honey is used for the custard cream. The harmony of sweetness echoes and spreads inside your mouth.
Fluffy texture of the breads and golds topping decorates the elegance of sweetness of the cream inside.

The limited and the best cream bread "kuro・iro"

Guatemala coffee honey cream and rich custard cream collaborates inside the "kuro・iro" cream bread. Only fifty of them are available per day.
Slight bitter cacao based black bread gives you a huge impact, and the taste is perfectly calculated.
A rich amount of golds are used for decoration, and somehow matches well with the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Cream breads beyond the definition of Breads

How about these cream breads for your snacks while walking? Of course they are also perfect for souvenirs or as a gift.
This rich custard and soft touch breads' combinations are beyond the definition of breads.
Let's try their unique and mature taste of the selected honey!

For new gift standards

With a plenty of amount of cream with a rich and smooth texture, they have unexpectedly fulfilling volume from their appearance.
Perfect choice for presents, who will not be happy with this luxurious gift?
To take away, a gift, eat-and-walk... enjoy this unforgettable rich taste with your own style.

Name of the facilityCream Bread Specialty Shop KIN-IRO
Address〒604-8083 Kyoto City, Nakagyo-ku Sanjo St. Tominokoji Nishi-iru Nakanomachi,21
Nearest station10 minutes walk from Subway Tozai Line "Karasuma-Oike"Station/ Hankyu "Karasuma Station"
Business hours11:00 ~ 19:00
Regular holidayNo Holidays (Except New Years)