Don’t miss out on Kyoto’s Craft Beer

Don’t miss out on Kyoto’s Craft Beer

Kyoto’s Craft Beer

Takumiya outside “Takumiya” is a beer bar known for its craft beer

More about Craft Beer

Barrels   Craft beer can come in many different kinds of flavors according to its ingredients.

This diversity is one of its appealing aspects, and many people enjoy the local craft beer when visiting somewhere for the first time.

Takumiya’s Craft Beer

Takumiya's Craft Beer

The most popular product is “Ichigo Ichie”(一期一会), brewed by “Kyoto Brewing Company”.

Made by 3 brewers from overseas, this beer uses yeast from Belgium, with a scent of hops from the United States and New Zealand.

This mixture realizes a brilliant flavor that spreads in your mouth when drunk.

Come with a friend, or even alone!

Takumiya inside Many visitors not only enjoy the taste of beer at Takumiya, but also just loves to be there.

Takumiya’s staff are friendly, and loves to communicate with their customers and, also loves to see their customers enjoying themselves by drinking and talking to each other.


Takumiya menu It’s a cheerful place with good beer and people. How about stopping by for a drink next time you visit Karasumaoike?

AddressKyoto prefecture, Kyoto, Chuukyoukuoshikoujihigashinotouinnishiirufunayacho400-1
Tell 075-744-1675
Nearest stationKyoto City Subway Karasumaoike Station
Business hours16:00~24:00
Regular holidayOpen Everyday