Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in a traditional Kyoto Machiya Townhouse at WEEKENDERS COFFEE

Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in a traditional Kyoto Machiya Townhouse at WEEKENDERS COFFEE

Traditional Kyoto design in a renovated Machiya townhouse

WEEKENDERS COFFEE is a small coffee shop in a narrow lane in Kyoto's Shijo area that serves home-roasted coffee.
Based in a renovated old Machiya townhouse, the shop has a traditional Kyoto feel and aesthetic with characteristic pillars, walls, and wooden tones.
As you wait for and drink your coffee, why not spend a moment admiring the historical Machiya architecture?

A front garden where you can feel the Kyoto seasons

In front of the shop there is a small Japanese garden.
The expressions of the trees, plants, and moss in the garden change along with the seasons.
Inside the shop there are only two seats for eating in, but many customers instead linger in their favorite place outside the shop, such as the bench or earthen wall, to enjoy the beautiful garden scenery as they drink their coffee.

Special home-roasted coffee

At WEEKENDERS COFFEE, the staff take great care in selecting only quality coffee beans.
They directly import beans from South America and Africa, and the owner even goes in person to buy beans from Colombia.
These carefully selected beans are then roasted in house, each with the best method to being out their flavor, and served as truly delicious coffee.

Recommended coffee: drip coffee of the day

Among the wide variety of coffees served, the owner recommends the drip coffee of the day.
You can taste coffee made with beans at their peak state and flavor after roasting.
Trying a different coffee every day is a both delicious and interesting experience.

How about a cup of delicious coffee to enjoy as you see the city?

How about a cup of coffee to enjoy as you see Kyoto city and the sights it has to offer?
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the traditional Kyoto-style Machiya townhouse and garden as you savor the delicious flavors and aromas of special home-roasted coffee.
After a busy day walking around the city, please spend a relaxing moment with a deeply rich cup of coffee at WEEKENDERS COFFEE.

Name of the facilityWEEKENDERS COFFEE
AddressHanare, 560 Honeyano-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 604-8064
Nearest station8 minutes' walk from Shijo and Karasuma Oike Stations on the Kyoto Subway
Business hours7:30-18:00
Regular holidayWednesdays