Steak House Pound (Shijo Omiya): A comfy place to savor tender Japanese BBQ

Steak House Pound (Shijo Omiya): A comfy place to savor tender Japanese BBQ

Tender Kobe beef ribs

Try the well known Japanese beef brand on the grill. The fat is beautifully speckled on the lean, leaving a deep umami flavor. Because it is not overly greasy, this popular dish is sure to satisfy everyone at the table.

Juicy thick beef tongue

The thick beef tongue is grilled slowly for a savory finish. The surface is cut like a mango so the juice of the meat pours out with every bite. Add green onions and a dash of lemon for an even tastier experience.

A taste of "Japan" with broiled-beef sushi

Broiled-beef sushi combines the umami of meat and rice, giving you a uniquely Japanese experience. Take a single bite, and the flavor and sweet fragrance of the meat will dance inside your mouth. A perfect dish for those who can't help but try two dishes at once!

A wide variety of wine

Steak House Pound provides a wide variety of wine that combines well with beef. Try asking your waiter for recommendations to pair your great meal with the perfect drink.

The comfy atmosphere

All the tables at Steak House Pound are either private or semi-private. Many of the customers are locals, creating an overall comfy and home-like atmosphere. Steak House Pound is the best place to try luxury food while experiencing the every day of Kyoto.

Name of the facilitySteak House "Pound" Shijo Omiya
Address1-6 Mibubōjōchō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto 604-8804
Nearest stationOmiya Station (Hankyu)
Business hours11:30-14:30 17:00-0:00
Regular holidayIrregular holidays