The best deal in the world! Enjoy the seasonal taste with afternoon tea in “Yukinoshita Kyoto Headstore”

The best deal in the world! Enjoy the seasonal taste with afternoon tea in “Yukinoshita Kyoto Headstore”

Carefully chosen seasonal ingredients

"Yukinoshita Kyoto Main Store" is the place where keeps customers attracted by using the carefully chosen seasonal ingredients.
In addition to the most popular menu pancakes and shaved ice, the new menu: seasonal afternoon tea set is focused by the fans of this shop.
The seasonal foods they use will add some happiness of "yummy" and "happy" at the same time to your daily life.

A casual tea time

Yukinoshita Kyoto Main Store's tea set surely can be said the best deal for afternoon tea in the world.
Surprisingly 8 different sweets including seasonal pastries for 980 yen, additional drinks are for 280yen each.
Orders are available from one portion. If you want to try a bite for each different things, this is what you should order.

Fully enjoy your rich moments

You cannot stop chatting with your friends with this seasonal afternoon tea sets on the table.
Pastries such as cakes and cup sweets are on the upper plate and they are all tasty differently.
Of course the seasonal ingredients are used, but in addition the quality of the butter and cream they use is also exceptional. Their secret recipe makes your afternoon the precious time.

And luxurious moments

Light meals such as open sandwiches are prepared on the lower plate.
This salty meals will give you some break from the various sweet tastes to make everything enjoyable until the very last bite.
Depending on the seasons, menu changes due to their different harvests. Every visit to here will be fresh and surprising.

Relaxing time passes slowly

The shop is located in a convenient place in the centre of the town. Since then it is enjoyed by many people for lunch and as a cafe.
Once you step into the building of traditional Kyoto machiya style, the interior induces you to the peaceful relaxing time with it's wooden taste.
Enjoy your moments in Kyoto with the seasonal taste with high quality coffee or tea here.

Name of the facilityYukinoshita Kyoto Main Store
Address〒604-8251 Kyoto city, Nakagyo-ku, Sanjo Aburanokoji cho 145-1
Nearest station8 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma line "Karasuma Oike Station"/8 minutes walk from Subway Tozai line "Nijo Station"
Nearest bus stop3 minutes walk from "Horikawa Sanjo"/5 minutes walk from "Horikawa Oike"
Business hours10:30~18:00 (Lo 17:00)
Regular holidayNon fixed
RemarksReservation not available