Take a picture at the gorgeous studio “Oiran Experiencing studio Arare”

Take a picture at the gorgeous studio “Oiran Experiencing studio Arare”

Transform into an Oiran

"Oiran Experiencing studio Arare" is known as a place to enjoy an Oiran experience for the lowest price in Kyoto.
How about making a special memory by taking a picture of yourself taken by professional photographers. The studio is located close to Kyoto Station.

Become sexier with the skills of professionals

Choose your inner-kimono, and then comes the dressing, make-up, and hair-set.
The dressing, including innerwear, will be quickly put on by professionals.
After the oiran make-up and hair-set is done you are ready!

Enjoy a different you

You will be taken to your reserved photo room, and then you will pick your kimono.
Put on your kimono and then it is time to take photos!
Advice will be given for your poses and expressions while taking the picture.

Post on Instagram and other SNS

After the photographing is over, there will be a time for taking selfies or taking photos with your friends. The items in the studio, such as masks and fans can also be used. This is a big reason why this option is popular among visitors.

Take back home your pictures and a fun memory

After the photographing is over, your make-up and hair will be put back to as it was. There is no need to worry that you may not be able to take enough photos or that the price might be too expensive at "Oiran Experiencing studio Arare." How about taking a visit for a good memory to take home.

Name of the facilityOiran Experiencing studio Arare
Address3F 736 Siokoji-cho Higashi Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8216
Nearest station1 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station
Business hours【Weekdays】10:00~20:00 【Weekends・National holidays】9:00~20:00
Admission feePrice: One person plan 4800yen・Couple plan 8800yen ※Other options are also available