Kyoto traditional craft workshop at Maisendo

Kyoto traditional craft workshop at Maisendo

Make an Original fan

Japanese fans are said as one of the traditional craft with their delicate and mysterious beauty.
In here 'Maisendo', you can make your trip memories deeper through painting workshops on fans.
All of the 3 Shops (Gion, Nishiki-ichiba, Kiyomizu) are in very convenient place from city center. All the equipment are already prepared in shops.

Feel the traditions through workshop

This workshop is recommended to students and tourists from abroad, since you can learn about Japanese traditional culture and make your original fan at the same time.
In professional course, after choosing the base paper among 4 colors, you paint over already prepared drafts. For the last finishing process, a professional will take over them and will be delivered at your place after becoming a perfect original fan.

Express your sense freely on your fan!

In easy course of workshop, you will take off frame of already made fans and paint over stretched surface.
When you're done with your paintings, attach the frame again and your fan will be made.
You can take them home immediately. This course is recommended for someone who wants to try making fans casually.

Only fan in the world

One of the best part of traveling is to touch and feel the local people and traditional culture through visiting special places.
Discovering what are the fans, what does those shape means, patterns, everything will freshly echoes in your mind.
Any memorial things through creative workshops will be your special.

For presents and Souvenirs

From kids to elderly people, anyone can enjoy this workshop.
At the store you can enjoy seeing beautiful fans and items.
Fans are recommended as souvenirs and gifts since they are compact and very Japanese.

Name of the facilityMaisendo
AddressGion shop: Kyoto City, Gion-cho. minami-gawa 579
TellGion Shop 075-532-2050 (Only for workshops)
Nearest station3 minutes walk from Keihan Railway Gion Shijo Station/ 5 minutes walk from Hankyu line Kawaramachi Station
Business hours10:00~20:00 / Workshop time 9:00~17:00(Starting time)※After 17:00 is available for groups of more than 30 people.
Regular holidayNon fixed
Admission feeProfessional course: 2200 yen (tax not included)Easy course: 1800 yen (tax not included)*This is the price in June 2018
RemarksReservation is required for workshop.Nishiki Shop: 075-212-5656Kiyomizu Shop: 075-532-2001