Enjoy the beautiful and elegant parfait at SUGiTORA

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Enjoy the beautiful and elegant parfait at SUGiTORA

The stylish gelato place in Shinkyogoku

The stylish gelato place in Shinkyogoku

The stylish restaurant is located on a small street connecting Shinkyogoku street and Teramachi street. It is difficult to resist looking into the uniquely designed restaurant. That restaurant is SUGiTORA, which is the only gelato-designated restaurant in Japan.

The detailed interior

The detailed interior

Once you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed by a glass case with colorful gelatos. There are various flavors available, from chocolate to rum raisin, and it is an enjoyable time for customers to choose their flavors. There are seats in the place on the 1st and the 2nd floor. The cutely-designed restaurant must be a perfect place to take a rest during sightseeing in Kyoto.

The seasonal exclusive "Strawberry and eclair parfait"

The seasonal exclusive

SUGiTORA serves seasonal parfaits, and from winter to spring, it serves "Strawberry and eclair parfait." The beautifully-designed parfait can only be enjoyed here. The parfait including gelatos made from Hokkaido milk and strawberry sauce, strawberries, and wine sauce has the perfect balance of sweet and sour taste. The crispy eclair also adds a tasty flavor to the parfait.

The SUGiTORA-famous "Chocolate parfait"

The SUGiTORA-famous

The famous chocolate parfait is simply delicious. The beautifully-designed parfait is perfect from every angle and is difficult to figure out where to start eating.

The beautifully-designed parfait

The beautifully-designed parfait

The parfait combined with 4 scoops of gelatos (chocolate, Hokkaido milk, orange sanguine) are SUGiTORA original. The gelato's smooth texture is not too heavy, but rather has a perfect balance of the gentle sweet taste and the sour touch of the orange. Please enjoy the dessert with a cup of hot coffee or tea. The parfait menu may change based on the season, so please refer to the homepage for further information.

Name of the facility SUGiTORA
Address 488-18 Nakasujicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tell 075-741-8290
Nearest station 6 min. walk from Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line)
URL https://www.sugitora.com/
Business hours 13:00~22:00 (Last order at 21:30)
Regular holiday Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Remarks Please refer the homepage for information about irregular holidays.

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