An Obanzai (Kyoto’s household dishes) Restaurant for Vegans

An Obanzai (Kyoto’s household dishes) Restaurant for Vegans


 Enjoy the Colors of Obanzai

Enjoy the Colors of Obanzai

“Veg Out” continues to offer organic vegetables from their goal of providing food healthy for the mind and body.

The time flows slowly in the restaurant from its relaxing atmosphere. Visitors spend a calm and peaceful lunch in their wooden interior, looking outside towards the Kamo river.

The most popular menu at “Veg Out” is its Obanzai(Kyoto’s household dishes) made mainly from local organic vegetables.

Not only is it good to eat, but also very fun to watch the plate filled with nine different kinds of Obanzai.


Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Start the day with a healthy breakfast Recently the cafe has started offering breakfast too. Loading energy from the healthy organic vegetables can be a great way of starting the day.

If you have any plans to visit Sanjyuusangendo(三十三間堂) or the Kyoto Museum nearby, stopping by for a good day.

Energy Charge

Energy Charge The place is recommended not only for Vegans but also for people who want a healthy meal to recover their tired body from your travels.

AddressKyoto prefecture, Kyoto, Shimogyo ward, Shichijyo street Kamogawasujinishiiruinaricho 448 Kamogawa Buliding ground floor
Tell 075-748-1124
Nearest stationKyoto Shichijyo Station
Business hours【Break fast 】8:00〜12:00(Last call 11:00) 【Lunch】12:00〜15:00 【cafe time】15:00〜18:00 【Dinner】18:00〜21:00(Last call 20:00)
Regular holidayMondays