Make a wonderful glass pendant at ColorWorks

Make a wonderful glass pendant at ColorWorks

Let's try making a pendant!

ColorWorks is a glass workshop located in Kyoto Kuramayama that makes glass accessories and goods. It is known for its artwork which makes us imagine of space. Also, there are many other works that represent the Earth, sky, water, and wind inside the glass.

As a memory of Kyoto

The artwork made here is one of a kind and there never can be an artwork which is completely the same. How the glasswork looks depends on the sunlight or the lights of the room. How about making your own glass pendant as a memory of coming to Kyoto.

Calm and slowly

The glasswork is made by melting glass at 2000 degrees. At first, you may feel scared at the strong fire, but the staff will stand next to you and will kindly teach you how to make your glasswork even if you have no experience at all.

As a handmade gift

Using special skills, patterns will be made into the glass. Now let's make your very own design!

The mystical look

Glasswork can be enjoyed differently according to the light that shines into the glass. Try looking at the glasswork in many situations is a recommended way to enjoy your glasswork. How about making glasswork for your next journey?

ColorWorks is a studio by the foot of Mount Kurama, making glass artworks.

Based on the theme “space”, the artist makes glassworks inspired by things like Earth, sky, water, and air. The romantic artworks made from glass are very popular.

Today, we will introduce you the glass pendant workshop which will definitely remain a good memory during your stay in Kyoto.

Let’s make a glass pendant for yourself!

The glass artworks look different based on the lighting or the angle you see them. The fragile piece of art cannot be replicated; therefore the one and the only artwork is very romantic to own.

Now, let’s make one for yourself!

Sneak peak at the glass-making process!


First, you need to melt the glass with gas burner which can heat up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

It’s quite scary how strong the flame comes out, at first.


But no need to worry.

Professional staff will be at your side assisting you through the process.

Glass making

Now, it time to make some patterns with a process called fuming.

The materials used for making this glass work is called Pyrex glass, which has strong tolerance towards breaking and scratching.

Pyrex glass

There’s only few more steps until finishing.

You can make your very own glass work.

This could be a great choice for someone’s gift, too.

The mystical expression of the glass




The glasswork shows different expressions based on lighting and andgles you see the artwork.

You can enjoy the different appearances based on weather and location as well.

A good Kyoto souvenir

During the glass making class, there is a staff by your side helping you use gas burners and inserting patterns, so people making glassworks for the first time don’t need to be worried at all.

The basic form of the glass artwork is already designated, but you can choose the color and the design of your choice.

This may be a great opportunity for you who wants to make your original accessory or interested in glassworks. Why don’t you try it for yourself when visiting Kyoto?

Name of the facilityColorWorks
AddressKyoto Sakyo-Ku, Shizuichiichiharacho 1205-46
URLIchihara station (Eizan Railway )
Nearest stationIchihara station (Eizan Railway)
Admission feeGlass artwork making experience/ Space 15,000 yen per person
RemarksExpected time/ 120 minutes Contents/ Making a glass pendant using fuming process (Use opal) ※Reservation necessary