Experience being a ninja with VR at NINJA VR KYOTO

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Experience being a ninja with VR at NINJA VR KYOTO

Experience being a ninja with cutting edge “VR” technology

Experience being a ninja with cutting edge “VR” technology

In Kyoto, “NINJA VR KYOTO,” wherein visitors can be virtual ninjas through VR technology is becoming popular.

In this stylish building, visitors can experience Japan-exclusive experience using advanced technology.

Why don’t you try becoming a ninja through this cool training, enjoyable for both adults and children?

Master the basic

Master the basic

First, you will learn the basic skills of a ninja, which is throwing Shuriken and using blowpipe.

Let’s try throwing Shuriken towards enemy targets with the assistance of the staffs.

The first step towards becoming ninja is to move your body and experience yourself.

If you can hit the target in front of you, you may be surprised by the effect!

Perfect for beginners and children

Perfect for beginners and children

There are instructions about the use of Shuriken and blowpipe for beginners and children to enjoy.

Let’s master ninja technique through the staff’s lecture.

You will feel excited when you hit the target.

Virtual Ninja Training with VR

Virtual Ninja Training with VR

After mastering the basic ninja moves, now it’s time to move to the next step.

After putting on the VR headset, there will be an immersive world in front of you.

You will experience some exciting actions like dodging Shuriken thrown from enemies, and attacking other ninjas.

Please experience the breathtaking actions yourself!

Ninja goods for fand

Ninja goods for fand

Some tools and weapons used by ninjas are exhibited too.

These exhibits must be exciting for ninja fans to see it for themselves.

It may be a good idea to take photos of these tools as a memory of this trip.

Address 〒605-0026 2F 545 Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tell 075-205-2798
Nearest station 3 min. walk from Higashiyama station (Tozai Subway Line), 9 min. walk from Sanjo station (Keihan Line)
URL http://ninjavrkyoto.jp
Nearest bus stop 1 min. walk from "Higashiyama-sanjo" bus stop, 3 min. walk from "Chionin-mae" bus stop
Business hours 11:00~21:00
Regular holiday Mondays and Tuesdays
Admission fee Adult 1 set ¥5,600 VR attraction ¥3,000 Children (12 years old and below) 1 set ¥3,600 VR attraction ¥2,000

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